Tattoo Portfolio


I began tattooing in 2002 after attending art school and working for several years as a illustrator and graphic designer.   I specialize in traditional blackwork and Illustrative blackwork tattoos. Since high school I have always been driven to create bold black & white imagery.   I also do some color and black and grey work but prefer the simplicity and boldness of blackwork tattoos and art.

I earned a BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, which I attended from 1994 to 1997, majoring in Sequential Art.   A mix of script writing and illustration that encompasses comics, animation, children’s books, character design and storyboards.  Tattooing and storytelling are the two oldest forms of art on the planet, and for me have always held a strong subconscious pull.   Tattooing itself is a kind of active storytelling; collecting tattoos defines each of us and in the end becomes the visual language that illustrates the life we lived.

My primary influences are horror comic artists, rock poster artists, heavy metal and fantasy illustrators and painters. Bernie Wrighston, Frank Frazetta, Charles Burns, Mark Riddick, Kelly Freas, Gustav Dore, Richard Powers, Derek Hess, Ralph Steadman, S. Clay Wilson, Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, Ed Roth, and many others.

Tattoo pricing:
Session work $150-200 an hour depending on the tattoo.
Single session tattoos are priced by the piece.   My minimum is $150.
I typically will only tattoo for 4-6 hours with short breaks.

Flash tattoos:
My flash designs range from $150 for simple designs to $700 for more detailed and time intensive images.
I typically do not post photos of flash designs online.   I do sometimes share videos of my flash via social media. Follow me via links on this site.

Freehand tattoos:
I love doing freehand work, especially large devil heads, skulls, horned skulls, Big Daddy Roth monsters, detailed spiderwebs, etc…  I give discounts during the regular business hours for clients who want me to draw an original piece directly on them.

I typically only do flash at conventions, with some exceptions depending on the show.  Check my Instagram or this site for upcoming dates and details.  If I take appointments, you can use the contact form on this website or text me.


Devilhead Shadow Puppet

The devil shadow puppet design has become a tattoo sigil of sorts for me over the last 20 years.  It historically goes back to the 1800’s and was created as anti-Freemasonry propaganda, to paint the group as a cult of devil worshippers.   You can find the original artwork by searching for ‘shadow puppet devil freemasons’ and similar terms on google.    I have a few variations of the design available on my flash sheets.   I do this design at my shop and during conventions.  I have done over 150 shadow puppet tattoos and counting!