Registration Confirmation

So it is done!

Thank you for registering for BLACK SUNDAY 2024 at Tabernacle of Oddities.
This message will also be emailed to you.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to this email or text 314.666.HOWL
General admission tickets for BLACK SUNDAY (non-participants) will be at the Andy Howl table during the event.

Event time and location:
Black Sunday – August 18th at 1pm
2nd Floor Theater (main floor)
Cuban Club, Ybor City Tampa – Tabernacle of Oddities.
* Separate admission for Tabernacle of Oddities is required.

Important note:
Participating in BLACK SUNDAY does not grant membership into the Church of Satan.  To become an official member you must apply and be approved by church administration.  Please visit the website for details.

Event info for participants:

1. Dress code for stage:  Please be tasteful as the entire event will be filmed.  That said, you can be as artistic, classical, or outrageous as you prefer.  Be yourself. 
2. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before we open doors (1pm).  Seats will be reserved at the front of the theater for participants in the baptism and marriage ceremonies.  Please show your ticket or email to the door attendant to enter.
3.  Anyone not participating on stage will be required to purchase a general admission ticket.
4. We will be needing a few volunteers to usher and work the door.  If you are with someone interested in helping, please have them contact us.  Admission is free for anyone helping with the show.
5.  Keep in mind that this is a public event and by participating you have agreed to be photographed and filmed.   If you do not want to have your face in photos or video, please bring a mask.

Rev. Andy Howl